Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for a workshop?

We have multiple ways to register for workshops at Bravo School of Art.

1. The preferred method is to download a registration form from our website, on the “Registration” page, fill it out and send it in the mail with a check.

2. If you have access to the internet you can use the handy payment buttons below each workshop and pay by credit card.

3. Another option if you do not have access to the computer and internet is to call us. We will take your information. You can then send a check or use a credit card over the phone.

Do I have to register before I come or can I just show up?

You do have to register before coming to a workshop. It is best to register at least one week before the scheduled workshop date. You are not really registered until you have paid for the workshop. If it is less than a week before the workshop or even the same day, please call to confirm there have been no changes. Sometimes if enough students have not registered we have to cancel the workshop. If you just show up you are taking a chance that either the workshop is filled or has been canceled.

What are your business hours?

Bravo School of Art is a private art studio, not a retail store. We are open during scheduled workshops when enrollment is sufficient. We are also open most daytime hours between 9am and 5pm. These are not set hours however. If you are thinking of coming in it is best to call first to let us know and we will make sure to be here.

Where is Bravo School of Art?

This is a brick and mortar building, not an internet online school. Our Art Studio is located in one of the oldest buildings in what was formerly the Naval Training Center in San Diego CA. We are upstairs, Studio 206, in Barracks 19 Art and Design Center in Liberty Station. Our building is one of the many beautiful historic buildings in the NTC Promenade portion of Liberty Station. We are surrounded by palm trees, arched arcades, rose gardens and fountains, with a view in every direction. Click here for directions.

Do I need to be “Artistic” to take a class or workshop?
Most of the workshops and classes are at the beginning level, a few are intermediate. This is a chance to try out something new and see if you are “Artisitc”. So no, you do not have to have any particular talent or prior knowledge to enjoy and benefit from our workshops.

Do I need to become a Member of Bravo School of Art to take a class or workshop?
Membership is optional, however with membership the workshops and classes are discounted. There are individual and family memberships.

What is a Family membership?
A Family Membership includes immediate family members who live in the same house. An example is both parents and all children of those parents.

How much does membership cost?
Individual Membership is $40 per year and Family Membership is $60 per year. Membership begins and ends in the same month.

Paint Furniture Workshop
Paint Furniture Workshop


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