So creatively busy…

A very happy student, K. Baker, and her painted furniture.

Just realized that it’s been over 2 months since the last post and I wonder what the heck we’ve been doing… I know that running Bravo takes a load of time to manage the daily stuff: checking and responding to voice and email, sending press releases, registering students, calling instructors and students with updates and confirmations regarding workshops, paying bills, having a conversation or two with the other 10 artists in Barracks 19, setting up, sitting at and breaking down at the Farmer’s Market every Sunday…

And for the last month or 2, we have been planning the summer schedule of workshops and summer camps. Getting to know new instructors, scheduling them for workshops, chatting with current instructors, talking about bios, photographs, artwork. It’s done! YAY! Whew! And our website is nearly updated with all the new info. Tedious work of placing every new workshop and class on the website in such a way that students will have an easy time of traveling around our website and choosing workshops to take.. and then easily registering for them. Buttons. 2 payment buttons for every single workshops. My hat is off to Nancy. Our WebMistress. Thank you!

I designed, produced and printed the new May – June brochure. Looks better each time I do one…

I think we have a great spring and summer coming up. I’m looking forward to it. 8 new instructors, twice as many returning instructors offering some of their best ideas to you. New workshops begin on May 1. Check it out. Lots of outdoor painting and drawing workshops. Jammin’ in the Jungle~ Music and Art Summer Camp with Recreational Music Center.

Everyone, come and take an art class! Bring your friends. Build a creative life. Today!

Make Art! Have Fun! Be Happy!!


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