Happy New Year from Bravo School of Art!



One thought on “Happy New Year from Bravo School of Art!

  1. Lately there have been several articles in the news about how much businesses and corporations thrive on innovation and creativity. And yet many of us have put our own creativity in a separate box, to be unwrapped later when we ‘have the time to do it.’

    Would you be interested in finding a way to integrate creativity into your everyday life, including into your work? If you were to approach each day from your creative center, don’t you think you might find more JOY, FUN, and FULFILLMENT??

    Join the Creative Spirits workshop at Bravo School of Art beginning on January 12th–it’s a six-week exploration of your unique creative self. You’ll discover that you are creative, and that once your imagination is sparked, you’ll be able to integrate the joy of creativity into your every day life!


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