Look and think about gratitude

What are YOU grateful for??

My gratitude box

I am grateful for my family, my husband, art, abundant food, education, weaving, painting, opportunity, pickles, Mac computers, color, pattern, good health, my home, electricity, running water, roads, cars, good weather, air, Utah desert, memory, friends, my dog, peace, love, tie-dye, heritage, legacy, laws, freedom, the right to choose, telephones, wireless, wine, self confidence, heat, wind, mail…

I’m teaching a workshop on Monday at Bravo School of Art called, Gratitude Box. Join me for this fun class. Make your list.


Lauren Becker Downey

Create a 3-dimensional collage where gratitude and your innate creativity will be explored. Collage is the ultimate playground of materials, mediums and synchronicity. Use copies of photographs, images from magazines, trinkets, maps, greeting cards, buttons, cut and torn textured and patterned papers, paint, ink and other mediums to tell your story. You will be reminded of the riches and positive moments in your life. Be amazed at what is possible through this process of allowing and intending, as you experience the flow of creativity. Please bring a cardboard shoe box.

$55 Bravo member / $63 non-member

Material fee $8

Monday, June 13 & 20     3 – 5pm


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