Liberty School at Bravo

Once a week for 11 weeks, Bravo School of Art is host to 20+ third grade students from Dewey Elementary School because of a grant funding this program through the Liberty School. With art classes all but eliminated in San Diego City School District, these young students are able to experience the enrichment that the arts provide. Taught by Pamela Calore and Patricia Hyman, these children are inspired and are great artists!

Tree of Life after Klimpt
Tree of Life after Klimpt

students painting

Liberty School is an innovative educational program at NTC at Liberty Station. This program offers at-risk students from San Diego County schools an opportunity to work with resident non-profit and civic organizations on project-based learning that supplements and enriches standards-based classroom instruction. Liberty School Program extends learning to the NTC at Liberty Station campus and engages the resident organizations’ teaching expertise and program offering to students who, without the program, would not have access to such professional instruction.

Below are some of the results:


Crazy Cactus
Crazy Cactus

3rd Grade students paint

watercolor parrot
watercolor parrot

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