Friday Night Liberty • October 4, 2013

Join Bravo School of Art and our neighboring Resident Groups within the gates of NTC at Liberty Station‘s Arts and Culture District.

Coming up Next Friday, October 4 from 5 – 9pm

FREE Open Artist Studios,NTC at Liberty Station
Galleries and Performances
Every First Friday – Starting at 5pm
NTC @ Liberty Station
2640 Historic Decatur Road,
San Diego 92106

Friday Night Liberty is a monthly first Friday evening of FREE open artist studios, galleries and events throughout NTC at Liberty Station’s Arts & Cultural District. Free parking. Free Admission. The Freedom to explore, wander and enjoy our growing cultural campus.

Barracks 14: See Art, Make Art, Drink Tea

  • Point Loma Tea— Will kick-off our One Year Anniversary celebration! Our first year has been a great success, and we have made so many wonderful friends, we just have to say thanks in a special way. Please join us!!
  • The Hot Spot – You don’t have to be a Monet to be an artist! Choose from hundreds of items like plates, mugs, vases, kitchenware, and kids items galore. PLUS learn how to build a chunky, colorful candle with your own scent like gardenia, chai tea or bubble gum! Everything is washable and non-toxic. Fired pottery is food, dishwasher and microwave safe. Best of all…we do all the clean-up! So come in and check it out!

Also at Barracks 14: Ballast Point Gallery

Barracks 15: Meet Artists Working in the Studios!

      • Anneville Studio — See a working jewelry and metalsmithing studio – hammers, anvils and torches! Learn about private jewelry classes and custom mokume-gane wedding rings. Shop for handmade retro felt hats by Lilyana Bekic, polymer jewelry by Teacakes and unique sterling silver jewelry by Anne Wolf. Meet the Artist!
      • The Art of Tesa — Tesa works primarily in oils, painting realistic landscapes and abstracts that bring in the elements of the earth. Her landscapes are vibrant; they encompass rich colors with strong val ues bringing depth and emotion into each painting. Her abstracts focus on bringing elements of the earth into her paintings such as sea shells and semi precious stones. Meet the Artist!
        Studio E
        Make Love Stay- Emily Halpern
        Studio E- Barracks 15
      • Atelier de Voyages — He’s back!!  San Diego abstract artist, William Ferrell, returns to Atelier de Voyages with an exciting series of new works, Rifting.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet the artist and be one of the first to view this latest series of paintings at the artist reception. Meet the Artist!
      • Brandiose — Jason & Casey are the guys who dream up the official logos for Major League and Minor League Baseball teams. They’ll take you behind the imagination, and share how mascots, uniforms and logos come to life in this rare open-studio experience.Meet the Artist!
      • FlightPath Press — Chelsea Herman, artist and proprietor of FlightPath Press, specializes in fine press, limited edition artist’s books. Meet the Artist!
      • Jeweliany Jewelry — Jeweliany is the result of years of metal smith study and artistic creation. With consideration for renewable resources and eco friendly manufacturing practices, Jeweliany jewelry conveys an expression from the heart, mind and soul of the creator to the wearer. Julie Simpson is most satisfied when sharing her distinct designs with individuals that wear and make each piece their own. Meet the Artist!
      • Laurie Kmen Studio — Learn how Laurie’s newest handmade paper art pieces are created. Her mixed media originals on canvas and fine art prints are also on display.Meet the Artist!
      • Outside the Lens — Mastering Zines -Check out zine samples and interact with a zine maker who will be hosting an interactive activity at Outside the Lens.
      • Ron’s Shop—Intricate wood veneer designs cut with a classic French hand tool.  The veneer is both domestic and exotic hard woods.
      • Studio E — My paintings are comprised of dreamlike compositions which map my inner world. They are a diary of fragments from dreams, incidents from daily life, and internal monologues that ground the work in a personal mythology. The main source of the work is drawn from opening the locked door of the unconscious through processes inspired by Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Surrealism. My intent is to create work which acts as a springboard for the viewer’s own imagination — Emily Halpern Meet the Artist!
      • Yellow Book Road — Local Book Illustrators Showcase– Join us for a group of local illustrators who will have interactive activities for the kids and their books will be available for purchase. Time will be 6-8pm. Family Friendly!

Also at Barracks 15: Brandiose

Barracks 16: Galleries, Museums and Artist Studios

        • Casa Valencia Galeria Baja — Gringos in Baja –Featuring 4 American artists that live in Baja. Featuring Scott KennedyRobert PaceJim Patel and a special guest artist.
          Women's Museum Maraichi
          Viva Mujeres Mariachi 1903-2013
          Women’s Museum of California- Barracks 16
        • Inspirations Gallery — From Our Own Back Yard: Creations by Members of the Point Loma Artists Association. This exhibition reflects nature, architecture and abstract themes inspired by colors, shapes and textures found in Point Loma or within a day’s drive.
        • Melissa Biador Photography — Open house featuring Desiree, of Penny Blooms, sharing information on DIY floral arrangement classes for the home. Learn about booking Melissa Biador photography sessions!
        • Rebecca Bauer Studio/Gallery — As a collage artist achieves a sense of connectedness and
          harmony through her highly intuitive process. Enjoy new works from her ever- evolving series entitled Under the SurfaceMeet the Artist!
        • San Diego Writers, Ink WaxwordsEncaustics with Color and Text by Josie Rodriguez DimeStories: Bring 3 minutes of your own prose to read to a growing and enthusiastic audience (happening at 8 pm, $5)
        • Women’s Museum of California — Opening our new historic exhibit VIVA MUJERES MARIACHI 1903- 2013. A historical exhibit of women’s engagement in the male mariachi world in both Mexico and the U.S curated by Leonor Xochitl Perez, Ph.D., mariachi trailblazer Laura Sobrino and Nancy Munoz.

Also at Barracks 16: Beauty Hive Studios* Boys & Girls Foundation*

Barracks 19 – Café and Art & Design Studios

            • Bravo School of Art Instructor Demonstrations, art class registration specials.
            • Dojo — Tech-Art User Group from 7:30pm-8:30pm for presentations from Tech-Art Professionals living in San Diego! Mark Escobar – “Should you buy a 3D TV?” Mary Salvatera – “It’s about YOU-X” (User Experience). Dominic Damian – “Rock Paper Scissors – Coded!”
            • La Onda Arte Latino — Will be presenting, Matadors, Mariachi’s and more Featuring Artists: Maryann Luera, David Silvah, Ugi Morales and a group show of Women in Mariachi in conjunction with the Women’s Museum of California.
            • June Rubin Studio/Gallery —Fear and Fantasy, come enjoy the June Rubin’s whimsical and fantastic watercolors inspired by Frida Kahlo and Dia de los Muertes. Light refreshments. Meet the Artist and try a hands-on water color technique!
              La Onda
              La Onda Arte Latino- Barracks 19
            • M Fischbeck Studio/Gallery — Changing Views: paintings by Peggy Fischbeck; floral designs byPam Robinson; photos by Claire Rule.  Meet the Artist!M. Straub Studio/Gallery — Presents part one of Fall in California, a two-part exhibition featuring vibrant works in oil and soft pastel, celebrating the California State Parks.Meet the Artist!
            • Mod-Est Studio/Gallery — Showcasing Artist Choice works by contemporary artist Kevin WingerMeet the Artist!
            • Portraits for All — Scenes From England- Emerald gardens, quaint Victorian promenades, grazing lambs in sunset fields, geese skimming the River Thames, thatched roof Oxfordshire cottages, ancient castles and of course, The Queen herself and Maybe It’s Kate!  This artists’ memories from her life in a land far far away.  Original oils and drawings by fine artist, Nancy TokosMeet the Artist, Nancy Tokos!
            • Chi Chocolat — A “sweet” little secret. Enjoy the best artisan chocolates, pastries, espressos and other delectable offerings.

Also at Barracks 19:  Swann Soirees *Karen Kohlberg Art

Straub for State Parks
Torrey Pines on My Mind- Monique Straub
California State Parks- Barracks 26

Barracks 26: California State Parks

            • California State Parks —October isCalifornia Archaeology Month – Come see our lab and displays to learn about archaeology at California State Parks, home to more than 270 State Parks and State Vehicular Recreation Areas (Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation). Stop by for a behind-the-scenes tour highlighting new exhibits, visitor centers, resource studies, and other park projects. Family Friendly!

Building 175: Dance Place San Diego

              • Mandell Weiss Gallery —Presents works by Anita Lewis. “Catching the impression of the moment of the dance, is not unlike my abstract work, which lends a transitioning element to my dancers. With the abstract work, which is inspired by natural elements, I catch the impression of a moment in nature, a blur, a conceptual impression thereof, an idea of it.” Reception from 5-7pm in the Dance Place Green Room– Studio 101.
              • Malashock Dance— Malashock/RAW, the untamed, edgy, and daring side of Malashock Dance, returns RAW4 will feature all-new choreography by John Malashock, Michael Mizerany and guest Andy Noble of NobleMotion Dance. Malashock Dance will preview excerpts of this new choreography. 6pm and 7pm.
              • San Diego Ballet and SchoolWill have a short performance of solos and pieces inStudio 207 at 7:30PM Family Friendly!

Building 176: Instructional Studios

              • Recreational Music Center— Will host its Back to School Blues Jam. Jazz Guitarist and Berklee Alum, Jason Rain and friends will demonstrate blues songs. Afterwards, he will lead a blues jam open to musicians young and old.  Performance begins at 5:30, open jam to start at 6:15 pm.

Building 201: Solare Ristorante, Galleries and KIT

                • Solare Ristorante — Join us for authentic Italian cuisine and oven-fired pizza made using fresh local and organic ingredients.  Extensive list of wines, craft beers, and craft cocktails.  Outdoor patios, wine cellar dining, kitchen-side dining, and more. Check out our special events happening every week – see you soon!
                • Expressive Arts Institute and Martha Pace Swift Gallery— In celebration of Expressive Arts Week, has selected works from the students and alumnae from 15 years of art making as a change agent.  Works on paper and canvas, as well as sculptural works will be on display. Expressive Arts Institute is pleased to be celebrating our 15th year with a Quinceanera party for alumni and the community.

The Gallery Building 202

VALYA-A Retrospective
Visions Art Museum- Building 202
              • San Diego Watercolor Society —Is hosting the International Watercolor Show. Entries from around the world will be shown. The gallery is open 7 days a week in October.
              • Sophie’s Gallery — Artists from St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, Teri Inc., Unyeway and Towards Maximum Independence chose an image from a famous artist and in their own style reproduced it on a second-hand chair. Sophie’s artist Whitney Oliver chose the painter Jasper Johns and reproduced his Flag painting on a 1950’s dining room chair.
              • Visions Art Museum — PresentsVALYA – A Retrospective. Themes of identity and ancestry are explored in felted, quilted, and painted fiber installations spanning decades of Valya’s career as a textile artist and designer.

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