Celebrate Dia de los Muertos at Friday Night Liberty

Join Bravo School of Art and our neighboring Resident Groups within the gates of NTC at Liberty Station‘s Arts and Culture District.

La Onda

Friday, November 1 from 5 – 9pm

FREE Open Artist Studios,

Galleries and Performances
Every First Friday – Starting at 5pm
NTC @ Liberty Station
2640 Historic Decatur Road,
San Diego 92106

Friday Night Liberty is a monthly first Friday evening of FREE open artist studios, galleries and events throughout NTC at Liberty Station’s Arts & Cultural District. Free parking. Free Admission. The Freedom to explore, wander and enjoy our growing cultural campus.

What is Dia de los Muertos?

The historical roots of the celebration date back to pre-hispanic culture, with the indigenous people of Mexico more than 3000 years. Even then, death has held not a mysterious place in Mexican culture, but one of a realistic recognizable character; as much a part of life as life itself. Dia de los Muertos expresses this lively, friendly, memorable picture. Dia De Los Muertos, tradition holds that the dead return to earth to visit their living relatives; although these relatives can’t see them, they can surely feel them.

Why Altars?

Traditionally, each family builds an altar, often starting weeks in advance. On top of the altar, ofrenda or offerings are laid out for the dead. These are usually favorite items of the departed for them to enjoy while visiting their family. A Day of the Dead altar is usually arranged on a table top, draped with a cloth, with an arch made of marigolds. Basic elements of altars include:

Candles are lit to enliven the spirits from the darkness.

Marigolds or cempasúchitl, symbolize death. Their strong fragrance is believed to help lead the dead back to their altars.

Incense most commonly, copal incense, is also said to guide the spirits back to their altars.

Salt represents the continuance of life.

Photo and mementos of the deceased from the family.

Sugar skulls As symbols of death and the afterlife, sugar skulls are not only given as gifts to the living during Day of the Dead, they are also placed as offerings on the altar.

Fresh fruit

Find unique Dia de los Muertos altars dedicated to children, adults and victims of AIDS.Outside Barracks 15, 16 and 19!

Barracks 14: See Art, Make Art, Drink Tea

  • Ballast Point Gallery — Offers the freshest “finer arts” in painting, jewelry, sculpture and furniture in beautifully staged exhibitions. Our monthly First Friday receptions feature live music, refreshments and engaging interaction with the artists. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, Noon to 5pm or by appointment.
  • The Hot Spot — Having a get together or party?  Come to The Hot Spot Studio and socialize while you create!  You are welcome to bring food, wine etc.  Thursday nights are Wine & Cheese Nights, just bring your wine and enjoy free appetizers all night.  Nothing is more meaningful than a gift made by you or your kids.  This year, come to The Hot Spot Studio to paint pottery or make candles! Grandparents love hand prints on anything, and we have over 500 pottery pieces to put them on!  Plates, platters, bowls, mugs, holiday items, picture frames, banks boxes and much more…Chunky colorful candle making is also a fun and fast way to make your own unique and beautiful gifts.  Choose the shapes, colors and scents and take them with you the same day!  You don’t have to be a Monet to create a Masterpiece!

Also at Barracks 14: Point Loma Tea

Barracks 15: Meet Artists Working in the Studios!

Anneville Studio — In addition to our usual sterling silver and mokume jewelry, Ame Stanko of Pixel Lava Unplugged will be showing a collection of new Dia de Los Muertos pieces including The Frida Chair, Stick Up!, Cabeza del Fuego, Recuerdo and more. Recuerdo is a 3’x6′ altar celebrating the vibrant pre-destruction life of the Twin Towers. Come visit our community altar and have a taste of Pan de Muertos. Meet the Artist!

The Art of Tesa — This month will feature not only the work of Tesa Michaels; oil seascapes and mixed media and abstracts with semi precious stones where she focus on bringing elements of the earth into her paintings. She is featuring two guest artists; Carlos Castrejon; abstracts and Renee Lawrence; pen and ink. Great eclectic work you will not want to miss. Meet the Artist!

Atelier de VoyagesAdele Richert of Atelier de Voyages will have new works on exhibit for the month of  November. Meet the Artist!

FlightPath PressChelsea Herman, artist and proprietor of FlightPath Press, specializes in fine press, limited edition artist’s books. Meet the Artist!
Jeweliany JewelryJeweliany is the result of years of metal smith study and artistic creation. With consideration for renewable resources and eco-friendly manufacturing practices, Jeweliany Jewelry conveys an expression from the heart, mind and soul of the creator to the wearer. Meet the Artist!
Laurie Kmen Studio — See Laurie’s new mixed media explorations of sky and landscape, created with handmade paper, acrylic and watercolor. Meet the Artist!Laurie Kmen
Ursa Minor by Laurie Kmen
Outside the Lens DAMES: Featuring OTL Advisory Board President, Tara Pixley a Southern California-based photographer who will showcase her series on a Southeastern burlesque troupe, the Dames A’ame. Her images aim to depict both the well-documented ultraviolet glamour of burlesque and its lesser known turn as an artistic outlet for the women who do it on top of their day jobs.
Ron’s Shop—Intricate wood veneer designs cut with a classic French hand tool. The veneer is both domestic and exotic hard woods.
Studio E — My paintings are comprised of dreamlike compositions which map my inner world. They are a diary of fragments from dreams, incidents from daily life, and internal monologues that ground the work in a personal mythology. The main source of the work is drawn from opening the locked door of the unconscious through processes inspired by Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Surrealism. My intent is to create work which acts as a springboard for the viewer’s own imagination — Emily Halpern Meet the Artist!

      • Also at Barracks 15: Brandiose * Yellow Book Road

Barracks 16: Galleries, Museums and Artist Studios

Casa Valencia Galeria Baja —Hosts a show from international artist photographer JIM PLATEL now living in Tijuana and the theme is Living and Death celebrating Dia de muertos at the gallery.

Inspirations GalleryFrom Our Own Back Yard: Creations by Members of the Point Loma Artists Association. This exhibition reflects nature, architecture and abstract themes inspired by colors, shapes and textures found in Point Loma or within a day’s drive.
Beauty Hive StudiosLe Red Balloon styling brings the clothing sale of the year! Gently used women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Plus some great fall finds! Stop by for complimentary wardrobe consultations, hairstyling station, refreshments and more!Beauty Hive Studios
San Diego Writers, Ink Waxwords: Encaustics with Color and Text by Josie Rodriguez DimeStories: Bring 3 minutes of your own prose to read to a growing and enthusiastic audience (happening at 8 pm, $5)
Women’s Museum of California — Opening our new historic exhibit VIVA MUJERES MARIACHI 1903- 2013. A historical exhibit of women’s engagement in the male mariachi world in both Mexico and the U.S curated by Leonor Xochitl Perez, Ph.D., mariachi trailblazer Laura Sobrino and Nancy Munoz.

Also at Barracks 16: Boys & Girls Foundation • Melissa Biador Photography • NVWAA

Barracks 19 – Café and Art & Design Studios

FX DojoJoin us from 7:30pm-9pm for the Tech-Artist User Group Meeting. Featured Speakers include Mark Escobar: Photoshop Painting Tips, Alvin Revilas: Coding Basics, Courtney Tucker: Computer Logic, Otto Lai: Blender 3D Modeling Tricks.

La Onda Arte Latino — Will be featuring works from numerous Latino artists, exploring and celebrating Dias de los Muertos.

June Rubin Studio/GalleryTurkey Feathers – November is not just about eating turkeys… come enjoy the whimsical June Rubin watercolors and collages. Light refreshments. Meet the Artist here or at the RUBIN Show at Sophie’s Gallery in Building 202.

M Fischbeck Studio/GalleryImages of Fall. Artwork by M Fischbeck. Florals by Pam Robinson. Community painting. Meet the Artist!

M. Straub Studio/GalleryPresents part one of Fall in California, a two-part exhibition featuring vibrant works in oil and soft pastel, celebrating the California State Parks. Meet the Artist!
Monique Straub
Scootin~Monique Straub, Pastel on Sandpaper
Mod-Est Studio/Gallery — Showcasing Artist Choice works by contemporary artist Kevin Winger. Meet the Artist!
Portraits for All — Everybody loves a portrait ! Sketched in charcoal or painted in oil with great attention to detail and personality, stop by Barracks 19 on the second floor and see examples plus current work in progress. Meet the Artist, Nancy Tokos!
Pantaleoni Photography — Will have as a guest fellow photographer Donna Sibilia. Ms. Scibilia’s work includes post cards and other works.
Chi Chocolat — Is featuring it’s new Fall Flavors (mint, maple bacon and pistachio) and Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Also at Barracks 19: Bravo School of Art • Swann Soirees • Karen Kohlberg Art • Melissalu Photography

Building 175: Dance Place San Diego

Mandell Weiss Gallery —Presents works by Anita Lewis. “Catching the impression of the moment of the dance, is not unlike my abstract work, which lends a transitioning element to my dancers. With the abstract work, which is inspired by natural elements, I catch the impression of a moment in nature, a blur, a conceptual impression thereof, an idea of it.”

Malashock Dance
Malashock/RAW  Photo by Raymond Elstad
Malashock Dance— Malashock/RAW, the untamed, edgy, and daring side of Malashock Dance, returns with all-new choreography by John Malashock, Michael Mizerany and Andy Noble of NobleMotion Dance. Malashock Dance will preview excerpts from John Malashock’s and Michael Mizerany’s new work. Also, a special preview of Carnival of the Animals, Malashock Dance’s annual collaboration with Classics for Kids. 6pm and 7pm.
Building 201: Galleries and Jenna Druck Center
Solare Ristorante Join us for authentic Italian cuisine and oven-fired pizza made using fresh local and organic ingredients.  Extensive list of wines, craft beers, and craft cocktails.  Outdoor patios, wine cellar dining, kitchen-side dining, and more. Check out our special events happening every week – see you soon!
Expressive Arts Institute and Martha Pace Swift Gallery joins in the celebration of the Expressive Arts Institute’s 15 years of training students to become artist change-makers who take art-making out into the world in service to others. Students have shared their skills at local hospitals, community centers, residential treatment centers, correctional facilities and private & public schools. The gallery is currently showing selected works on paper and canvas, as well as sculptural works from Expressive Arts Institute students and alumnae and their clients. Offers an exciting Oodles of Doodles event. Create amazing images by utilizing a skill everyone has, drawing with doodles. Small donation towards supplies appreciated.

Visit the Jenna Druck Center in Building 202! Participate in an interactive art project inspirited by our very own Children’s Expression Session. Stop by to create your very own Thankful Wreath and learn about our free community programming- helping keep hope alive for over 16 years. Come by to learn more about our Families Helping Families and Spirit of Leadership programs- including our Children’s Expression Session, held every 2nd and 4th Thursday here in Liberty Station! All supplies for this project will be provided. Open to anyone- not just kids! We hope to see you there! Light refreshments will be provided.

The Gallery Building 202

San Diego Watercolor Society — is hosting Show me the Light.

Sophie’s GalleryThe 5th annual exhibition of The Rubins. This annual show celebrates the artistic talents of the Rubin family and the creativity that strengthens their family ties. Come meet siblings June, Harv, and Linda Rubin with their mother Donna Rubin. Proceeds support the art program where sibling Linda Rubin attends classes

Visions Art Museum Hosts two new exhibitions: C is for featuring Small hand-painted and quilted works from artists Charlotte Bird and Cathy Denton based on words that begin with the letter C and Recent Acquisitions from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection: A selected survey of recent acquisitions from Del Thomas’ collection of over 200 contemporary quilts.


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