Friday Night Liberty • March 7

Friday Night Liberty – Mar 7 2014

Friday Night Liberty-Spring Forward with the Arts!

  • Building 201: Solare Ristorante, Galleries and Jenna Druck Center
      • Solare Ristorante — Authentic Italian cuisine and oven-fired pizza made using fresh local and organic ingredients.  Extensive list of wines, craft beers and craft cocktails.  Outdoor patios, wine cellar dining, kitchen-side dining.
      • Pachis — It Takes a Village Children are taught the importance and truth behind the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”. They begin by designing their “village”, and then we discuss who takes care of them, who loves them and which are the places where they feel safe and happy. These are the questions that guide children to design the village they believe it would take to raise each and every one of them.

    The Gallery Building 202

    Saxey Music, Jan Hayman
    Visions Art Museum Contemporary Quilts + Textiles- Building 202
    • San Diego Watercolor Society —Features some of the best watercolor artists in the region in a show juried by Nancy Oleksa with the theme Creative Madness.
    • Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles — Hosts three separate exhibitions:Coast to Coast– combines the talents of New Image Artists from the Washington DC area and California Fibers from southern California. Marshland Reflections byBarbara Lee Smith a solo exhibition of seven acrylic paintings layered, fused and stitched with hundreds of small pieces of painted synthetic fabric; and Saxy Music by Jan Hayman (pictured right) featuring Jazz Quiltsis a collection of small quilts each 14 inches square by 26 members of Canyon Quilters of San Diego who have interpreted the theme.

Barracks 14: See Art, Make Art, Drink Tea

  • Ballast Point Gallery —Stroll through a gallery FRESH with the “finer arts” from partners Linda Mullen, Joann Sandlin and Chuck McPherson. PLUS artwork by master sculptor Lorenzo FoncerradaScraphound Studio‘s salvaged steel critter creations fromSheri Fox and partner Jon Raw‘s art furniture! Enjoy a FREE painting demonstration outside the Gallery and take home a variety of the quality art inside. Located next to the Stone Brewing Company.
    Critter, Sheri Fox
    Ballast Point Gallery- Barracks 14
  • Point Loma Tea — Go Green, offers Specialty Whole Leaf Teas & Gifts.2 Go.  We are delighted to share a 10%  discount on all  green teas during the Month of March. Receive a complementary sample of our Irish Breakfast Tea with purchase. We look forward to your visit.
  • The Hot Spot — Come to our Studio to paint pottery or make candles! Grandparents love handprints on anything; we have over 500 pottery pieces to put them on! Plates, platters, bowls, mugs, picture frames, banks boxes and much more.
  • Rebecca Bauer — Collage artist, Rebecca Bauer achieves a sense of connectedness and harmony through her highly intuitive process. Enjoy new works from her ever- evolving series entitled Under the Surface, 50% of my net proceeds will go to help support The Liberty School at NTC.  Visit Rebecca on the 2nd floor. Meet the Artist!

Also in Barracks 14: Guitars in the Classroom, San Diego Habitat Conservancy, Energy Coalition, Market Street Group 

Barracks 15: Meet Artists Working in the Studios!

      • Anneville Studio — See a working jewelry studio – hammers, anvils and torches! Learn about private jewelry classes and custom mokume-gane wedding rings. Great gifts for the holidays – unique, handmade sterling silver and mokume-gane jewelry. Meet the Artist!
      • The Art of Tesa — Tesa works primarily in oils, painting realistic landscapes and abstracts that bring in the elements of the earth. Her landscapes are vibrant; they encompass rich colors bringing depth and emotion into each painting. Her abstracts bring elements of the earth into her paintings such as sea shells and semi precious stones. Meet the Artist!
      • Cindy Parsley Studio, Earth n Spice Gallery — Visit Earth n Spice Gallery, for a burst of fun, color and light. Cindy expresses new growth—and the abundant colors of spring—through her acrylic paintings. This month features her tribute to the new season: Garden Play. Delight in the excitement of a world that might otherwise be missed. Meet the Artist!
      • Jeweliany Jewelry — Jeweliany is the result of years of metal smith study and artistic creation. With consideration for renewable resources and eco friendly manufacturing practices, Jeweliany jewelry conveys an expression from the heart, mind and soul of the creator to the wearer. Meet the Artist!
      • Laurie Kmen Studio — What inspires you? Take part in creating this Community Art Project with mixed media artist Laurie Kmen, and share what inspires you. Then receive a FREE printable download of the finished artwork! Look for us set up in the foyer of Barracks 15. Meet the Artist!
      • Ron’s Shop— Exhibits an array of marquetry designs made by hand in his studio using the chevalet de marqueterie, a tool developed in Paris workshops in the mid-18th century. The chevalet allows for extremely precise and delicate cutting of veneers utilizing a saw blade that is about a tenth of a millimeter wide. Stop by for a demonstration! Meet the Artist!
      • Emily L. Halpern — My paintings are comprised of dreamlike compositions which map my inner world. They are a diary of fragments from dreams, incidents from daily life, and internal monologues that ground the work in a personal mythology. The main source of the work is drawn from opening the locked door of the unconscious through processes inspired by Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Surrealism. My intent is to create work which acts as a springboard for the viewer’s own imagination — Emily Halpern Meet the Artist!
      • Yellow Book Road — Welcome spring with picture books to get kids outdoors and into the garden. Acclaimed picture book authors Cindy Jenson-Elliott, author of the new bookWeeds Find a WayEdith Hope Fine, author of Water, Weed, and Wait, and Lori Mitchel, author/illustrator of Holly Bloom’s Garden will sign books and offer garden-based activities for families.

Also at Barracks 15: Brandiose Studios, Outside the Lens

Barracks 16: Galleries, Museums and Artist Studios

        • Antonio Bandini —Come meet Antonio in Studio 213, view his Exhibit Arte Toscana  and toast to the opening of his new Studio & Gallery!
Casa Valencia Galeria Baja-Barracks 16
        • Casa Valencia Galeria Baja — Infiltrating Iconographies — Mixed media works by Irma SofiaPoeter using textiles in the elaboration of her paintings, sculptures and installations that visually and sensually communicate the human experience.
        • Inspirations Gallery and San Diego Writers, Ink Yeehaw: Western Wonders, a country— western—nature themed group show featuring work by San Diego artists. Meet the Artists!
        • Paul Dean Studio/Gallery— A member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, Paul paints in a variety of styles vibrant vignettes, using small bands of a micro landscape, his work colors crisp white paper with dreamlike visions. Visit Paul in Studio 209 and take home an original, a print or commission a personalized version

  • Women’s Museum of California —March is WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH!  Celebrate the history and accomplishments of women. CURRENT EXHIBITS: Women Trailblazers of California – book and exhibit which explores the women who helped build the State of California; Suffrage March Toward Empowerment – the First Wave of Feminism that won women the right to vote in the early 1900s; Beautiful, Brilliant, and Brave – a Celebration of Black Women in history and today.  Visit the unique woman-focused Library upstairs and get a glimpse into the museum’s archives.  A fine place to discuss current women’s issues. 

    Also at Barracks 16: Boys & Girls Foundation, Melissa Biador Photography, NVWAA, Women’s Museum of California
  • Barracks 19 – Café and Art & Design Studios
        • Atelier de Voyages — We’ve moved from Barracks 15! Visit artist and jewelry designer, Adele Richert, in Studio 202.  New jewelry will be on display and for sale, maybe a new painting or two! Meet the Artist!
        • Bravo School of Art — Offers art classes for beginners or experienced adults and children.  See free instructor’s art demonstrations. Enjoy class registration specials.
        • Toucan, June Rubin
          June Rubin Studio/Gallery- Barracks 19
        • June Rubin Studio/Gallery — Collage and More see how delightful scraps of paper and fabric transform into whimsical original Rubin collages of birds, animals and portraits. Light refreshments. Meet the Artist!
        • La Onda Arte Latino — To coincide with the 2014 San Diego Latino Film Festival, La Onda Arte Latino will be featuring Artist Jimmy Carbo from Rosarito,  this years Festival poster winner, and 4 other artists featured at the festival. Jimmy’s represents the Films, Music, Art, Entertainment and Community that make up the Festival. Exhibit will be up from March through April.
        • M Fischbeck Studio/Gallery — Many Shades of Green,  Artwork by Peggy Fischbeck.  Florals by Pam Robinson, Petals on the Point.  Make Your Mark for Art – in studio community painting. Meet the Artist!
        • M. Straub Studio/Gallery — All Things Green, A celebration of botanical proportions! See new works in oil and pastel. Preview Monique’s latest pieces at: Meet the Artist!
        • Mod-Est Studio/Gallery — Showcasing Artist Choice works by contemporary artist Kevin WingerMeet the Artist!
        • Portraits for All —March is for St. Patrick and everybody loves a portrait !  Each painting by fine artist Nancy Tokos begins with a unique charcoal & pencil sketch, refining the details to resolve all details for a great likeness.  The sketch can be either signed and framed or it can be the foundation for your oil painting.  Military discount 25% in March.  Gift certificates available. Meet the Artist!
        • Chi Chocolat — Stop by for a great selection of artisan chocolate made onsite— the perfect compliment to any romantic meal! Watch for the opening soon of our new expanded café!

    Also at Barracks 19: Melissalu Photography, Pantaleoni Photography, Swann Soiree


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