A New Year is just around the Bend


As I wrap up the year, getting the studio ready for new classes to come, I am reminded of what a great year 2015 has been here at Bravo School of Art. We welcomed several new instructors and many new classes. Some students discovered our great art curriculum for the first time. And so many familiar faces returned to explore their creativity in our studio classroom.

This summer, 2 instructors who live out of town, came to teach classes over several days. The student’s work coming out of each of these was amazing! Daily immersion in ART MAKING is really fun. I recommend it.

Sean P Callahan demonstrates Watercolor Pet Portrait
Expressive Mixed Media Painting student

Throughout the year, many students learned new ways to paint.

James Dingman paints by intuition
James Dingman paints by intuition

…and others learned that the art of Kokedama brings relaxation and peace.

Kanako Yamada & Kokedama Student
Kanako Yamada demonstrates Kokedama

Teen artists learned about drawing the figure in our new portfolio program. So many new classes… Beginning Embroidery, Paper Flower Wall, Macrame, Children’s Textile Summer camps, and so much more.

Enjoy the remaining days of 2015 and make plans to create with us in Bravo’s studio classroom. Our new schedule of classes is ready for enrollment. Please visit our website today and I’ll see you next year!


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