Digital Photography

John Thurston’s Sunflowers


John Thurston

Soon everyone will have a Smartphone with a camera surpassing traditional cameras in convenience and quality. We will cover the basics of using your iPhone/iOS 8.0 and the iTunes app to fully take advantage of all it has to offer you. Using a variety of Photography Apps, learn the basics; how to capture, edit, share and organize your iPhone images. Please have the following camera apps already installed on your iPhone and be ready to learn and get down to business: Snapseed, Instagram, and optionally for the advanced users, 645Pro (free to $5 each from the iTunes Store). The latest and greatest, exciting new apps are becoming available all the time These will be discussed! Bring your iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, your charger and its cables, and optionally, your laptop, and boundless curiosity about the powerful Photography tool in your hands. Truly amazing imagery will be yours with just a tap, swipe and pinch of the finger. Suggested reading for your particular phone model is iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue, available on and elsewhere.

$55 Bravo member / $63 non-member

Sunday, September 27 9am – 1pm

Saturday, October 17 9am – 1pm

Friday, November 20 5 – 9pm

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John Thurston

Wondering what do all the buttons and settings on your camera do? Tired of erasing so many bad photos? Explore your camera and solve those mysteries. Most point-and-shoot cameras have somewhat limited creative controls. Learn to leverage those controls at your disposal to produce significantly improved photographs using your basic camera. A little knowledge will go a long way to help you create amazing images after this class.You must bring your camera with its manual, memory card and a charged and/or spare battery.

$42 Bravo member / $48 non-member

Friday, September 25 9am – 12pm

Wednesday, October 21 6 – 9pm

Sunday, November 8 10am – 1pm

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John Thurston

As DSLR cameras have become very commonplace, most people only use them in their Automatic mode. Learn to explore the creative controls that all these cameras have in order to MAKE great photographs, not just TAKE ordinary snapshots. Learn how your camera and lens work, and about its standard exposure controls for more creative effects, and improving your composition for photographs you can be proud of. You must bring your camera with its manual, memory card and a charged and/or spare battery.

$42 Bravo member / $48 non-member

Friday, September 25 1 – 4pm

Monday, October 19 6 – 9pm

Sunday, November 15 10am – 1pm

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