Jewelry • Metals


Copper and Enameled Earrings


Melissa Aronson

Learn the fundamental knots of macramé to make several bracelets to stack and wear together, or to give to your friends. Macramé is an art of decorative knotting that has been around for centuries and spans many cultures. Basic knots used in this class are Lark’s Head, Slip, and Square Knot. These simple knots come alive with different colored cord and beads. Choose between 3 different colored bracelet stacks to match your personality!

$42 Bravo member / $48 non-member + $8 Materials fee

Thursday, September 24 6 – 9pm

Friday, October 16 6 – 9pm

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Sharon K Novak

Compose a figurative, scenic, abstract or autobiographical collage with metals. Acquire new skills using metalsmithing tools and techniques to cut shapes from thin-gauge copper or brass. Fringe, file, emboss, stamp, punch, and hammer to add texture, words and detail. Use pliers, mandrels and fingers to bend, fold and form metal dimensionally. Enrich metals with color using oxidizing solutions. Discuss other patina options. Learn to twist, coil, spiral, and sew wires to make cold-connections and add linear movement to your design. Arrange your metal shapes compositionally and attach to a wood base using steel, copper and brass nails, brads, tacks, screws and wires. Your metal collage may be flat or slightly dimensional.

$68 Bravo member / $78 non-member + $20 Materials fee

Thursday, October 29 10am – 3pm

Monday, November 30 10am – 3pm

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Sharon K Novak

Enjoy making whimsical Garden Art to display on your porch, patio, garden wall, or hang in a window or tree. Use a variety of metalsmithing tools and techniques as you learn to cut, texture, emboss and stamp words or designs into flat, thin-gauge copper or brass sheet. Move metal into 3-D sculptural form by bending, folding, crunching, twisting and hammering. Forge, coil, wrap, twist and spiral copper and brass wires and create a decorative spiral brass hook, adding colorful glass beads with wire ‘cold-connections’.

$68 member / $78 non-member + $14 Materials fee

Wednesday, October 21 10am – 3pm

Monday, November 2 10am – 3pm

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Sharon K Novak

Myriad possibilities exist for creative expression in this workshop! Design a mask shape and cut it from .010 copper or brass sheet. Enrich the surface with texture, adding detail and dimensional form using a variety of hammers, files, pliers and other metalworking tools and techniques. Create facial features with additive or subtractive techniques such as punching through the metal and using cold connections such as twisted or coiled wires, jump rings and rivets. Add character with colorful glass or wood beads, shells, or other ephemera provided. Feel free to bring personal elements from home. Masks may be oxidized with provided solutions and other color enrichment techniques and patinas may be discussed.

$68 member / $78 non-member $20 Materials fee

Wednesday, October 28 10am – 3pm

Monday, December 14 10am – 3pm

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Sharon K Novak

Stars, trees, bells, birds, angels, oh my!  These are just a few possibilities for the holiday ornament you’ll make in this workshop out of .010 thin-gauge copper or brass sheet and thin gauges of wire. Learn to cut, texture and form metal dimensionally using basic metalsmithing tools and techniques. Use a vise or pliers to twist, coil, spiral, or attach wires to your holiday form, incorporating colorful beads for visual detail. Forge 20 gauge brass wire, spiral it, add colorful glass beads, bend it into a decorative hook and your ornament is ready to hang! All materials are provided.

$68 Bravo member / $78 non-member + $14 Materials Fee

Sunday, November 29 10am – 3pm

Friday, December 11 10am – 3pm

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