New Classes and Workshops at Bravo School of Art

I just received the new list of classes and workshops beginning in September at Bravo and since I make the website I have my work cut out for me. It is a time consuming, detail oriented and somewhat frustrating task. I wanted to share a bit about the process in case you are perusing the site and it looks unfinished. During this transition time there are old outdated workshops and new ones that are not complete. What I like to do first is make sure there is a listing for all the classes. At least that way you know what is available. Then I make 2 payment buttons for each class, one for non-members and one for a member discount. In the meantime while each of these buttons is made and posted onto the sight you may see something like ” If you wish to register online and there is not a payment button, please call or email for other ways to register.” I figure that way until the online payment buttons are all completed you can still register the old fashioned way! Checks in the mail are really the preferred way to register. On the website page all about how to register there is a registration form that can be downloaded and printed out and mailed in with a check. Back in the days before everyone had websites that was how it was done.
I hope this explains the process I go through every 4 months when the list of classes and workshops as well as instructors changes, and why the website may look strange. And if you see any mistakes, you can put the blame on me as I have been known to make some. Just point them out and I will be grateful you found them.


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